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Queensland Outdoor and Environmental Education Centres’ Client Management System (CMS) Solution

Helping your organisation streamline your systems and
drive efficiencies

Are you looking to streamline your processes for your environmental education centre and ensure bookings, visits, reporting and information is available in one easy to use software solution? Reduce paper, streamline information, improve systems and allow team members to access information digitally with EEC-CMS.

Created by Oz Data Solutions, Environmental Education Centre CMS (EEC-CMS) is an innovative platform that gives you the tools to tailor existing processes and systems to meet the exact needs of your environmental education centre.

Designed to help EEC’s stay organised and channel information into one centralised and digital location, the innovative environmental education software solution helps centres drive results and allows EEC’s to become better, faster and more efficient.

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art business tool that has been created by industry experts to help EEC’s drive efficiencies and streamline processes, EEC-CMS is the solution.

How Does EEC-CMS Work?

Created to enhance content systems, processes for EEC employees, EEC-CMS allows team members to see at a glance all of the events, visits and information regarding upcoming visits, events, meetings, training and more.

Easily accessible via a computer, iPad or tablet, the CMSallows users to share vital information such as visit notes, documents, surveys and event information to enable a smooth and seamless flow of information, regardless of where your team members are located.

EEC-CMS provides an in-depth overview of the progression of visits to ensure an end-to-end solution that boosts efficiencies and integrates information from a wide range of sources instantly.

View bookings, events, calendar, invoices, programs and reports in an easy to view and use format. The CMS is fully customisable including adding and removing team members, updating centre information, creating email and letter templates, adding notes for visiting teachers, adding & editing fees, updating meeting locations and adding booking lists.

Benefits of Using EEC-CMS

System Inclusions


Integrated booking solution including prepared templates and activity bar to view tasks completed.


Add events including meetings, staff training and additional information accessible to the team.


View at a glance what’s on this week and across the month for the centre including activity bar.


Track, issues and review the status and invoices and payment for upcoming events and bookings.


Clients have used and enhanced their App for years. It runs their business and gives them back time for other activities.


Oz Data Solutions expertise is recognized by Claris® as a partner through its Claris Partner Program.

Fully Customisable

The CMS is fully customisable and allows users to add and remove team members, update centre information, access email and letter templates, add notes for visiting teachers, share and access rates for fees, share information on meeting locations and access booking lists.

All your essential daily business information is at your fingertips with EEC-CMS. This simple to use system offers innovative ways to do business, allowing your centre to stay organised and share information in an instant.

To find out more about purchasing the solution or information on how Oz Data Solutions can help streamline your processes and systems in your environmental education centre speak with the team today.

“We are so proud of the database you have developed for us and our work processes and efficiency wouldn’t be possible without your help.”

Jessica Garlick, Practice Manager, Wilson Architects

“Your knowledge and approachable manner, your willingness to understand my business to get the best result has been A1. ”

Linda Faulker, Office Manager, Boonah Carrying Co.