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Create a new business database APP that integrates your activities

Oz Data Solutions will design and implement a new system in partnership with you. This system is designed to help you better meet the challenges of your business.

Securely enable your staff to see and edit all or some of the information in order for them more efficiently complete their work in the office, on the road, in the workshop or at home.

Upgrading and expanding existing solutions

Oz Data Solutions will take your existing solutions, whether it be in Microsoft Office, or an older FileMaker® version, and transform them into a streamlined, networked FileMaker® and web system.

Need a new developer?

Oz Data Solutions is experienced in modifying databases developed by others. With experience in FileMaker® from version 5, we are well placed to understand the back end of any solution.

Does your in-house developer need a mentor, some training or assistance for the tricky stuff?

We offer in-house developers customized training, professional support and assistance in creating the more complex functions their organization requires.

Purchase, upgrade or renew your FileMaker® licenses

We are a reseller of the FileMaker® platform and can help you determine the most suitable licensing profile for your company.

Install the FileMaker® Platform

We install and configure the elements of FileMaker® Platform in conjunction with your IT support Team.

How we work


Our friendly developers listen to you to understand what outcomes you are after.


We analyze your current methods and work groups, proposing solutions to make their work flow easier and more effective. Through ongoing consultation we work with you to discuss and refine your custom solution.

Implement the solutions

We create or expand your database features in partnership with you. Development can be done at your site or remotely.

Review & Optimize

Even great ideas can be improved, so it’s important to review and optimize your database and make ongoing improvements.

Streamline your workflow.

We have specialised in creating custom databases and APPs in FileMaker® for over 20 years, making life easier for both office staff and those on the road.