PEBBLES Online - Managing Postgraduate Students

PEBBLES and PEBBLES Online is system facilitates the management of University postgraduate students at the enrolling unit level (e.g. Institute, School).

PEBBLES is the FileMaker front end for the administrators enabling them to use the rich environment of FileMaker to create, edit, search, upload and download documents, eMail (manual and automatically) in order to monitor, manage and report on the students, their progress and staff workload as well as provide Summary Report to their Executive.

PEBBLES Online is a web portal to the PEBBLES Postgraduate Database, accessed through the University intranet by use of the staff’s University LDAP username and passwordB

PEBBLES Online provides academic and research staff with:

  • Ready access to information on their postgraduate candidates to better plan future commitments and manage existing responsibilities, including monitoring individual student progress, Milestones, RTS, key dates, enrolment status etc…
  • Create, edit and review Milestone Assessments, including recommending Extensions. Milestone Assessments are signed off by the Principle Advisor and Committee Chair (using their LDAP identification) and once signed are no longer editable. The signed off assessment is automated forwarded to the Postgraduate Administrator with the Graduate School’s form ready for finalization.
  • Enables Principal Advisors to manage Candidature Committee membership.
  • A “Notes” feature on any individual student card to record/comment on specific issues that relate to particular students candidture.
  • Print out RHD Advisory Load Reports that can be used in Annual Appraisals and Promotion Applications.

In addition to providing details regarding the enrolling unit ‘s students, PEBBLES Online provides staff with a list of non-enrolling unit students for which they have advisory/committee responsibilities. This enables staff to accurately reflect their commitments in RHD Advisory Load Reports. The accuracy of this list is entirely dependent on staff input.

“So wherever they (academic staff) are in the world they can log in and complete their tasks in terms of keeping track of their students”

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